Author at DeskWriter
I have been been writing for many years in a variety of contexts. Although it's true that writing is a solitary endeavor, I get inspiration and help from many sources. That's part of the fun of writing...and of life!

Fighting Back is my first novel. I've finished a second. It should be available in 2012. A third novel is in the first draft stage.

I love writing fiction and the way it catches me up into another world. That's the goal of my fiction: to create a world where readers can walk around and experience the lives of others as if they were there, so they can think about life from many different perspectives.

BTW This photo shows me being inspired by my daughter, one of my favorite inspirations,  back...well, I won't say how many years ago, but look at that shirt!

Author on desert hikeEditor
I started the online magazine titled Naturewriting over fourteen years ago. I wanted to encourage people to read and write the type of  literature known as nature writing. At the time I was writing articles about desert plants and animals for a print magazine about desert life and adventure called The Survivor.

Over the years, Naturewriting has grown. When you visit the site today, you'll find many stories, essays, and poems. Several writers who first published on Naturewriting have gone on to publish books of their work.

In the Naturewriting Blog for the magazine, I write about the world where I live or the places I visit. There's a link to the blog on the Naturewriting title page.

The photo shows me on one of my desert backpacks a few years ago.

Author and granddaughterSurvivor
No, I haven't been on the television series, but I am a cancer-survivor, and that fact forms part of my life-view.  I was diagnosed with Stage III B colorectal cancer on January 4, 2010. After two surgeries, two chemotherapy treatment cycles, and a radiation cycle (not in that order) an ostomy and lots and lots of TLC by family, friends, doctors, and medical staff of all kinds, I was declared to be cancer-free on December 10, 2010.

During treatment, I started writing a blog to keep my hopes up and to let friends know what was happening. It's called Heart and Hope. I still post to it about once a week.  The blog is not just about surviving cancer. It's about living a life of hope in a world that often seems full of despair. I hope you'll check it out.

The photo is of me, during cancer treatment days last year, holding my granddaughter. I think that's a perfect picture of hope.